Lovejail: our chastity belt for man, for men out of polycarbonate.

Chastitysteel Lovejail - the chastity belt de luxe

Lovejail: our chastity belt for man, for men out of polycarbonate.

Joyful continence as play with the chastity belt for men

Lust and passion form an erotic alliance, especially when using our latest utensil to increase the nearly endless desire. The name of the chastity belt de luxe is Lovejail and it's a world novelty. This extraordinary Lovejail is second to none. The weight is hardly noticeable. The emotions of the joyful (but limited) continence predominate.

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The Lovejail - Erotic playing with the chastity belt

The Lovejail is undisputedly easily to put on. The belt is produced of polycarbonate and is of course of finest quality. The material is natural and can even be recycled. The belt may be hidden well under conventional clothing. The special toy is practically invisible because it is transparent. And another plus: The Lovejail has a high flexible waist band and an adjustable hip band. So, the erotic accessory can be adjusted to every silhouette. The hip band is adjustable from 80 to 115 cm with a width of only 2 mm but yet absolutely escape-proof.

Lovejail: our chastity belt for man, for men out of polycarbonate.

The adaptability is enormous - the chastity belt is a world novelty

The Lovejail supports the carrier's joy in moving and due to its adaptability the belt may be used at once. The Lovejail can even be faster put on than the chastity belt CS-100. However, the stable design is guaranteed by extremely strong walls. The chastity belt is also suited for those being allergic to nickel because the belt is entirely free of any trace elements. The screws are made of stainless steel.

Better safe than sorry: the Lovejail shows stability like no other

Moreover the Lovejail may spend also PA Piercing-carriers pleasurable hours and does not interfere with the frenulum piercing. This adventure toy guarantees a joyful play. The chastity belt can hardly be felt on the skin. All edges are rounded off by large, soft radii. In our shop the Lovejail is offered with a huge variety of surprising accessories. The belt is delivered in an attractive designer box. And... as promised: Also the Lovejail cannot be burgled. In any case, it's hardly impossible because the lock is absolutely safe.

Lovejail: our chastity belt for man, for men out of polycarbonate.

Wearing comfort is guaranteed

The chastity belt is easy to clean. Therefore wearing over a longer period of time is no problem. The integrated, adjustable safety walking band is a further plus in terms of wearing comfort, but may also be removed, if desired.

Measures of the Lovejail

Maximum length: 9 cm, diameter: 36 mm at the shaft, 40 mm in front

Chastity belt for men - made of high quality

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